5 RV insurance add-ons

Any recreational vehicle is unique. RV insurance should be just as customized.

Most RV insurance plans include similar features. While liability, collision, and comprehensive are all usually standard, these alone are rarely enough.

Fortunately, Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC can help. Serving the greater Boiling Springs, SC community, our agents can find a personalized plan that meets your needs. 

Here are five optional add-ons you should consider adding to any RV insurance:

Roadside assistance

Towing an RV isn’t as easy as pulling a traditional car. If a breakdown does occur, roadside assistance is a necessity. But this can also aid smaller issues, like fixing flats or unlocking doors.

Emergency expenses

If you do get stranded, costs can pile up quickly. These expenses could include hotels, meals, and additional travel. An emergency expenses policy can reimburse you for these items.

Storage coverage

You need 24/7 coverage. Even if your RV isn’t in use, ensure it’s protected while in storage. These safeguards are redundant for full-timers but can be invaluable for owners who only use their RVs for vacations.

Personal attachment protection

Personal property protection is typically included in most RV policies. These protect belongings inside the vehicle. However, personal attachment is much more concerned with what’s on the outside. This covers awnings, satellite dishes, and other external items.

Residential liability

This specialized liability accounts for incidents that occur while the RV is stopped or stationary. This kicks in if you are determined to be at fault.

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Get comprehensive commercial protection for your business

Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC is proud to serve our local business community. We understand how much dedication it takes to own and operate a successful business, and we are here to help you protect yours! Give us a call today and let’s set up an appointment to discuss your commercial insurance needs. 

Protect your business with a comprehensive commercial policy

When it comes to protecting your business, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much insurance is enough. Our team is here to help you with all of the commercial insurance questions that you may have! The main benefit of a comprehensive insurance plan is that it will often provide you with the ability to continue your business after a catastrophic event. 

So many businesses are uninsured but are also unaware of this fact until a major event occurs. This means that even though they thought they had adequate insurance, it was sadly not the case. When you are uninsured, it can make it extremely difficult to come back from a serious loss.

Fortunately, there are a number of comprehensive commercial policy options that are available in our area. These policies can protect you in the event of a major loss and make it possible to reclaim any lost success due to a covered event. Now is the time to make sure that you have the comprehensive coverage that your business needs.

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What Are Some Tips For Shopping For Home Insurance?

When it comes to shopping for home insurance, many people feel overwhelmed. There are so many choices and options available that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are some tips for shopping for home insurance

1. Get Multiple Quotes

One of the best things you can do when shopping for home insurance in Boiling Springs, SC is to get multiple quotes. This will allow you to compare rates and coverage options from different insurers. Make sure to get quotes from at least three different companies. A reputable company such as Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC can help you get started.

2. Know What You Need

Before you start shopping for home insurance, it’s important to know what kind of coverage you need. Make a list of the types of coverage you want and the amount of coverage you need. This will help you get an accurate quote from insurers.

3. Consider Your Budget

When shopping for home insurance, it’s important to consider your budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend on premiums each month. Then, compare quotes from different insurers to find the one that fits your budget.

4. Check Reviews and Recommendations

When you’re looking for a home insurance company, it’s a good idea to check reviews and recommendations. See what others are saying about the company’s customer service, claims process, and more. You can also ask for recommendations from family and friends.

5. Compare Coverage and Discounts

Once you’ve found a few home insurance companies you’re interested in, it’s time to compare coverage and discounts. Make sure to compare the same types of coverage so you can accurately compare apples to apples. Also, look for any discounts that you may be eligible for. For example, some insurers offer discounts for having a security system or being a nonsmoker.

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By following these tips, you can be sure to find the best home insurance company for your needs. Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC can help you get started on your search. Contact us today for more information.

Do all South Carolina drivers need to carry auto insurance?

Vehicle ownership in the Boiling Springs, SC area is a good option as it will make getting around the community easier and more efficient. While having a car comes with a lot of advantages, it is also a big responsibility to take seriously. One need that all people will have when buying a car here is the requirement to get the right insurance. You will need to have insurance coverage here for various reasons.

Why Carry Auto Insurance?

Required by Law

A reason that someone will want to have an auto insurance plan is that it will be required by law. If you want to drive a car in South Carolina, it is important that you comply with state laws surrounding insurance requirements. This includes having a proper liability insurance plan. When you invest in a full auto insurance policy, you will get the coverage needed to meet these standards. 

Auto Lender Requirements

As the price of cars has gone up significantly in recent years, taking out a loan has continued to be a good way to finance the purchase. If you do take out an auto loan, it is very important that you get the right insurance to meet your lender’s standards. In the majority of situations, this means having a full comprehensive and collision plan. Without this coverage, you will not have protection for your car and will be in violation of your lending agreement.

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Those who are car owners in the Boiling Springs, SC area need to ensure that they get the right insurance. If you are looking for a new insurance plan in this region, it would be wise for you to call Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC. The professionals with Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC will offer any guidance needed to evaluate your options and help you choose a proper plan. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have Commercial Insurance

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise in Boiling Springs SC, having commercial insurance is advisable. Here is what could happen because you don’t have commercial insurance.

Why You Need Commercial Insurance

Heavy fines and jail time

In most instances, not having certain types of coverages such as workers’ compensation and professional liability violates the law and might even be considered a felony. As a result, the enterprise could face heavy fines, and you might even face jail time as the business owner or director. 

Zero financial protection

Commercial insurance protects the business from financial liability in case of an injury to a customer or a dissatisfied client. Lacking insurance means that the enterprise has zero financial protection; therefore, if you have to face financial liability, the business could go bankrupt. 

Some clients will not work with you

If you are a contractor or subcontractor, you may find it difficult to hire clients if you don’t have some kind of E&O coverage or professional liability coverage. At Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC, we have encountered many promising companies struggling to survive because of reduced revenues. This results from them having difficulties hiring clients due to not having commercial insurance. 

Breaking a lease:

Property and general liability insurance are among the most important commercial insurance policies, even if you are renting your business premises. Many landlords will break a lease or not rent the business premises to you if they find out that you have none of the two commercial insurance policies. 

Business failure

Considering the hurdles that a company without commercial insurance might have to endure, it’s easy to see how such an enterprise could end up in failure.


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Things that home insurance won’t cover

Like many types of insurance, home insurance has exclusions. Exclusions are things the insurance won’t cover. They are very clearly listed in your policy, though usually not on the declaration page. You will have to go back a few pages in your policy to find them. At Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC, our team makes sure that homeowners understand the exclusions in their policy and the options that are available to make sure that you have coverage. 

Things that home insurance won’t cover

Owner neglect

As a homeowner, the expectation is that you will maintain your home. That is not an unreasonable expectation. But, what you consider owner neglect and what the insurance company considers owner neglect may not be the same thing. The insurance company expects you to replace your roof before it starts to leak and damage your ceilings. They also expect that if there is any danger of termites, you will get your home treated to prevent any damage. If your tree is damaged, you need to get it trimmed so it doesn’t fall on your home. Use common sense and do regular maintenance. 


Floods happen all over the country and sometimes it is a real surprise. Don’t let the surprise be on you. Your basic home insurance does not include flood coverage and you could lose thousands of dollars of possessions,  not to mention your home itself if you don’t get the additional coverage you need. You can buy flood insurance through the NFIP. 

Earth  Movement

Earth movement covers a few different things. It includes earthquakes, sinkholes, landslides, and mudslides.  You need to get an additional policy or an endorsement of the home policy if you want to be covered for these. 

At Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC, our team is here to answer any home insurance questions you may have. 


Umbrella insurance FAQs

If you ask five people what umbrella insurance is, chances are you might get five different answers. Umbrella insurance is the most misunderstood of all insurances. One thing you can be sure of isn’t insurance on your umbrella. At Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC, we are owned locally and we believe in listening to our customers to get to know them and their needs better. As independent insurance agents, we can offer our customers more choices. 

Do I need umbrella insurance?

There is a pretty good chance that yes you do. Do you own a home? Have you accumulated any other assets? Do you have a retirement investment portfolio?  If you answer yes to any of these things, then yes, you can benefit from umbrella insurance. 

How much umbrella insurance do I need?

You need to add up the value of your assets. Start with your home and then any items of value that you have. Don’t forget your investments and your retirement 401k etc. These are all assets that could be lost to an accident or a lawsuit. Make sure that you have enough to protect everything that you have for assets. 

What does umbrella insurance not cover?

Umbrella insurance protects your assets but does not cover them. It is designed to pay out other people who are injured by you. Your personal property won’t be covered for damages to it. 

Do I need to have the same carrier for my umbrella policy as my other policies?

No, you do not need to have one carrier for your primary policy and umbrella policy, but it is often financially beneficial to have one carrier. Most companies will offer multi-policy discounts. 

Contact Integrated Insurance Advisors LLC in Boiling Springs, SC if you want to know more about umbrella insurance. 

What is actual cost value (ACV) versus replacement value?

Actual cost value, otherwise known as ACV, sounds good, right?  ACV refers to the used or depreciated value for your property.  Think of this as the value at the local 2nd hand or thrift store.

Replacement value is the cost to replace your property if you walk into a store to purchase it today.

For example, the $300 grill you bought 2 years ago is only worth $150 now but costs $350 to replace today.  What type of coverage do you want?

Bodily Injury and Medical Payment Coverage

What Is Medical Payments Coverage on Auto Insurance?

This insurance protection covers the driver and passengers in a car at the time of the accident. It also helps protect you as a pedestrian.  Medical payments coverage applies, regardless of who is at fault for the auto accident. 

What’s the Difference Between Bodily Injury Liability Coverage and Medical Payments Coverage?

Your medical payments coverage helps pay medical costs resulting from an auto accident for you, your family and everyone in the car at the time of collision. Bodily injury liability insurance also helps pay for treatment after an accident, but only for people other than you or your passengers.